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EIR Daily Alert Service, WEDNESDAY, May 20, 2020

Volume 7, Number 116
EIR Daily Alert Service
P.O. Box 17390, Washington, DC 20041-0390
  • Anti-China McCarthyism Reaching Pre-War Levels
  • World Health Assembly Overcomes McCarthyite Counter-Operations
  • House Democrats Brag of Ongoing Impeachment Investigation, This Time With Stone and Flynn Cases
  • Fired State IG Was Investigating Pompeo’s Role in Saudi Arms Sale Without Congressional Oversight
  • Tehran Warns U.S. Not To Take Action Against Iranian Tankers Heading to Venequela
  • Caribbean Leaders Fear U.S. Navy Deployment Threatens Region as a ‘Zone of Peace’
  • Ryabkov Warns, ‘Mindless’ U.S. Claims of Russian Election Meddling Wrecks Bilateral Ties
  • Wilbur Ross Stands by Wall Street Bailout and Bubble
  • Xi Jingping to World Health Assembly, ‘Let Us Work as One’ To Halt Coronaviru Always Putting People First
  • Trump Donates 200 Ventilators to Russia, While Pelosi Goes Ape
  • CGTN To Air Fusion Power Research as First in Science Series on ‘Decoding the Future’


Anti-China McCarthyism Reaching Pre-War Levels

May 19 (EIRNS)—As the World Health Organization closed its two-day online World Health Assembly (WHA) on Tuesday, with many of the world’s leading medical and political leaders, this effort to address the greatest crisis facing mankind in modern times was partially hijacked by the British and American mobilization for pre-war confrontation with China. President Donald Trump allowed his name to be placed on a four-page diatribe full of half-truths and outright lies about China’s and the WHO’s response to the coronavirus, and the WHO’s supposed coverup of China’s multiple misdeeds. The letter, with Trump’s signature, instructs the WHO to follow U.S.-dictated “reforms” (unspecified) and to “actually demonstrate independence from China,” or the U.S. will permanently cut off all funds to the WHO and “reconsider our membership.” The “Five Eyes” also collaborated in a ploy to pass a resolution at the WHA setting up an “independent investigation” into China’s alleged lies and delays, and into the source of the virus, but the majority of nations at the event rejected it, passing instead a “lessons learned” investigation of the global response to take place after the pandemic is under control.

The very first of 14 items claiming to document the crimes of China and the WHO was openly challenged by The Lancet. The Trump letter stated: “The WHO consistently ignored credible reports of the virus spreading in Wuhan in early December 2019 or even earlier, including reports from The Lancet medical journal.” Richard Horton, the editor-in-chief of The Lancet, immediately issued a letter to Trump: “You cite The Lancet in your attack on WHO. Please let me correct the record. The Lancet did not publish any report in early December 2019, about a virus spreading in Wuhan. The first reports we published were from Chinese scientists on Jan. 24, 2020.”

The “Trump letter” was clearly not written by the President, and its vile character, and deadly potential impact on history, comports with the entire McCarthyite anti-China campaign from the likes of Mike Pompeo at State and Christopher Wray at the FBI. Its intention is the same as the now totally discredited anti-Russia hysteria, shown to be a criminal conspiracy between British intelligence and the corrupt Obama intelligence community to bring down the President, with full support from the fake-news press and the equally-corrupt Congress—that is, to drive a wedge between Trump and his intention to build friendly relations between the U.S. and Russia. This is necessary in the eyes of the City of London and Wall Street, to preserve the Anglo-American “special relationship,” to assert unipolar British Imperial authority over the world. This is particularly urgent for the Empire, as the fragile financial bubble known as the Western banking system—once labeled by Lyndon LaRouche as the casino mondial—is now being pumped up with so many trillions of dollars, printed out of thin air, that even the gurus of the financial press are beginning to warn of a hyperinflation like that of 1923 Germany.

One of the leaders of the modern-day McCarthy witch-hunt is Sen. Marco Rubio, who has just taken over as acting head of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Proving where his loyalties lie, Rubio added a contribution to a report released this month by London’s rabid Henry Jackson Society, entitled “Breaking the Chinese Supply Chain—How the ‘Five Eyes’ Can Decouple from Strategic Dependency.” Rubio retails the “Big Lie”: “The Chinese Communist Party … is aggressively working to supplant democratic order and governance, as well as the alliances and systems that uphold it—including our Five Eyes partnership. Strategic competition with China is about the fight for democracy against authoritarianism. The CCP’s goal is not just to materially enrich its country, but to re-center the global order around Beijing by making all countries reliant on China for a range of strategic goods—from raw minerals to telecommunication equipment to medical supplies—and by advancing its authoritarian model of government abroad.” It is ironic that his description matches precisely the British Imperial model imposed by the European powers, first by direct control over their colonies, then by indirect financial dictatorship under the IMF following decolonization. Unlike that form of imperial control, the Chinese are actually building large-scale infrastructure, always forbidden under the colonial model.

There is no solution to the current global break-down crisis short of a meeting of the leaders of the four powers—Russia, China, India and the U.S.—to meet the urgent need for global cooperation in mass production of the health capacities needed immediately to prevent a holocaust in Africa and South America (see “Coronavirus Petition for a Global Health Infrastructure”), and to put the crumbling financial system through bankruptcy reorganization, based on Glass-Steagall reform and new national credit mechanisms for investments in development and science. Partial measures will fail, with the high degree of danger that the world will again descend into global warfare.


World Health Assembly Overcomes McCarthyite Counter-Operations

May 19 (EIRNS)—The 73rd meeting of the World Health Assembly (WHA) took place on May 18-19 online. Despite the outrageous anti-China and anti-World Health Organization diatribe in the “Trump letter,” the forum included the majority of the world’s health experts and political leaders, gathered to meet the COVID-19 crisis and counter the “politicization” of the crisis. The effort by the British Empire’s “Five Eyes” intelligence conglomerate to pass a resolution calling for an immediate “independent investigation” of the response by China and the WHO to the coronavirus, the forum instead voted up a resolution calling for an investigation led by the WHO, once the pandemic is under control, for the purpose of “lessons learned,” rather that attempting to demonize China and the WHO. It further stated that “an imperfect and evolving understanding” of the virus was not unusual with the emergency of a new disease, and rejected the “rising politicization of pandemic response,” which it also said was hindering the response.

In his speech, WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus called on all nations to “do everything it takes to ensure that the 2020 coronavirus pandemic is never repeated. The world does not lack the tools, the science, or the resources to make it safer from pandemics. What it has lacked is the sustained commitment to use the tools, the science and the resources it has. That must change, and it must change today.” He further stated that the world could no longer afford the “short-term amnesia” that had characterized the global response to health crises in the past, calling for a comprehensive framework to be established to facilitate pandemic preparedness around the globe.

China’s Global Times observes today that the U.S. administration’s insistence on a political agenda, including seeking Taiwan’s entry to WHA as an observer, “cast a shadow over the WHO’s annual meeting.” The WHA decided to delay until later this year a vote on granting Taiwan observer status.

Several world leaders addressed the 194 member states at the WHA’s annual meeting. In his speech, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar (Trump chose not to address the meeting) didn’t name China by name, but warned that “we must be frank about one of the primary reasons this outbreak spun out of control. There was a failure by this organization to obtain the information that the world needed and that failure cost many lives.”

Global Times repeated China’s claim that the U.S. attack on China is an effort to cover up “the failure of the Trump Administration in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in his own country,” which misses the more dangerous reality of the British Empire effort to provoke confrontation or even war between the U.S. and China.

House Democrats Brag of Ongoing Impeachment Investigation, This Time with Stone and Flynn Cases

May 19 (EIRNS)—Still clinging to the British Empire-provoked plan to remove President Donald Trump by any means possible, House Democrats are insisting that impeachment is still a very live possibility. Yesterday, House General Counsel Douglas Letter filed a motion with the Supreme Court, demanding release of redacted secret grand jury materials from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, in order to decide whether new articles of impeachment are in order.

The motion states that the Judiciary Committee’s “impeachment investigation related to obstruction of justice pertaining to the Russia investigation is ongoing.” General Counsel Douglas Letter stated that if the grand jury material “reveals new evidence supporting the conclusion that President Trump committed impeachable offenses, the Committee will proceed accordingly—including, if necessary, by considering whether to recommend new articles of impeachment.” The motion seeks testimony, exhibits and transcripts, but states specifically that the Democrats are looking into “the possible exercise of improper political influence over recent decisions made in the Roger Stone and Michael Flynn prosecutions, both of which were initiated by the special counsel.”

They charge that “improper” political influence is evident in the fact that the Justice Department reversed Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s sentencing recommendation in the Stone case, from nine years to three years, and then had the audacity to request the dismissal of Gen. Michael Flynn’s case, which of course was dismissed citing the large amount of exculpatory material which had been illegally withheld from Flynn’s lawyers.

Earlier this month, the Justice Department filed an emergency request with the Supreme Court to temporarily block an order by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, which had ruled it had to turn over grand jury materials. DOJ argued that the Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure protects the secrecy of grand jury materials. Democrats countered this arguing that preliminary impeachment hearings in the House constitutes a “pending judicial proceeding.” In yesterday’s filing with the Supreme Court, they emphasized that the Appeals Court agreed with them on that point, Fox News reported.

Fired State IG Was Investigating Pompeo’s Role in Saudi Arms Sale without Congressional Oversight

May 19 (EIRNS)—Steve Linick, the State Department Inspector General whom President Donald Trump on the evening of May 15, was investigating Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s role in an $8 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E. in 2019. The sale took place without the normal Congressional oversight, as President Trump had declared an “Emergency” because of the alleged terrorist threat from Iran, which allowed the sale to proceed without the normal input from Congress. This investigation was in addition to one announced earlier, regarding State Department employees being asked to do personal favors for Pompeo and his wife.

While Trump made fun of the charge about “favors,” he has made it clear that the firing of IG Linick was entirely at the request of Pompeo, telling reporters May 18: “I don’t know anything about him [Linick] other than the State Department, and Mike, in particular, I guess they weren’t happy with the job he’s doing or something. So, because it’s my right to do it, I said, ‘Sure, I’ll do it.’ ”

NBC reports that three officials from different Congressional committees say investigators on Capitol Hill believe that Linick’s investigations into the Saudi arms sale and Pompeo’s use of the political aide contributed to his firing. House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot Engel said May 18 that his office “was investigating—at my request—Trump’s phony declaration of an emergency so he could send weapons to Saudi Arabia. We don’t have the full picture yet, but it’s troubling that Secretary Pompeo wanted Mr. Linick pushed out before this work could be completed.” Engel and Sen. Bob Menendez have requested that the administration release records related to the arms sale.

Pompeo said he had no idea what the IG was investigating, so it could not be viewed as “retaliation.”

Other sources at the State Department told the press that Linick was suspected of leaks.


Tehran Warns U.S. Not To Take Action against Iranian Tankers Heading to Venezuela

May 19 (EIRNS)—Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiyee warned again yesterday against any U.S. actions aimed at disrupting the Iranian tankers carrying gasoline to Venezuela. “Iran has sent the gasoline tankers at the demand of Venezuelan government. No state is duty-bound to implement the U.S.-desired sanctions,” Rabiyee told reporters in Tehran on May 18, reported Fars News. He called on the international community to show reaction to the U.S. illegal warnings about its imminent action against the Iranian oil tankers in the international waters, and said, “The U.S. has a record of piracy.” A Trump Administration official told Reuters on May 14 that the U.S. was “considering measures” against the Iranian tankers, but declined to say what those measures might be. At least four U.S. Navy ships are reported to be in the Caribbean Sea, ostensibly for anti-drug operations.

Rabiyee said it was too soon to speak about what actions Iran may take, should the U.S. interfere with the tankers, but according to Fars, Nour News—said to be close to Iran’s Supreme National Security Council—reported that in addition to the Iranian political officials’ warning against the U.S. piracy, American cargo ships practically anywhere in the world could become targets of Iranian retaliation.

Al Masdar News agency, citing Fars, reported yesterday that four tankers have now passed through the Strait of Gibraltar into the Atlantic, while a fifth tanker is expected to pass through the strait in the coming days.

Caribbean Leaders Fear U.S. Navy Deployment Threatens Region as a ‘Zone of Peace’

May 19 (EIRNS)—Caribbean Community (CARICOM) foreign ministers meeting May 7-8 in a virtual summit, were reportedly scheduled to discuss a memorandum prepared for the meeting, which warned that a U.S. Navy deployment into the region, ostensibly to combat Venezuela’s alleged drug-trafficking, threatens the region’s status as a “zone of peace.”

Although the memo, prepared by CARICOM’s Guyana-based Secretariat, was apparently not discussed as part of the public agenda, parts of its contents that were leaked this past week blame the Trump Administration for putting at risk the region’s peaceful nature. It also suggested that the U.S. Naval deployment may have had more to do with regime change in Venezuela than combatting drug-trafficking. As quoted by the New York-based daily Caribbean Life, it stated that “the U.S. has taken advantage of internal weakness wrought by the pandemic in countries where it has been seeking regime change—Iran, Venezuela, and Cuba—to strengthen its sanctions regime.” It writes that Venezuela has Russian support, and that has deepened “great power rivalry and the attendant security dangers, threatening the region’s stature as a zone of peace.”

The 15-nation CARICOM has not had a uniform policy regarding Venezuela, although no one favors U.S. military intervention. Now, whiplashed by the coronavirus pandemic and its economic consequences, the region could not tolerate the upheaval that would ensue from a U.S. military incursion. Both Trinidad and Tobago, and Guyana are dealing with tens of thousands of Venezuelan refugees, which have severely affected their economies.

Last week, Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister Keith Rowley, who has defied the State Department by meeting with Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez to discuss collaboration on combatting the COVID-19 pandemic, warned that “tensions have come to our borders, we do not have the wherewithal to prevent that, so we simply have to rely on the principles of international justice. Nothing has changed, our position remains the same. Trinidad and Tobago is part of CARICOM. We view the Caribbean as a zone of peace.” Notably, the U.S. Treasury is now threatening to slap sanctions on Trinidad and Tobago, suggesting that it illegally sold gasoline to Venezuela, through Venezuela’s state-run oil firm PDVSA, a charge the island-nation denies.

Ryabkov Warns, ‘Mindless’ U.S. Claims of Russian Election Meddling Wrecks Bilateral Ties

May 19 (EIRNS)—Speaking at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University) yesterday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov sharply addressed what he called “mindless” U.S. claims that Russia is meddling in its elections, which charge continues to hamper U.S.-Russian cooperation. It is very dangerous, he warned, according to the report from TASS.

“Recently, for lack of any better alternative, a swift globalization of narratives has been occurring. This parroting, or reiteration … is cause for concern,” he said. “No one needs to understand anything anymore, repetition is merely sufficient.”

It creates a big obstacle to the normalization of U.S.-Russian relations, Ryabkov argued. “Probably, they have made a decision not to deal with this at least until the elections, which jeopardizes relations. Actually, we are going to see if the murky waters re-emerge,” Ryabkov pointed out, reported TASS.

“Meanwhile, it is unclear what the Americans … expect from Russia and the Russian authorities in this regard,” he said. The Americans can’t seem to explain “what we must do…. Therefore, there is only one conclusion: This will continue and will be used as a tool in the political fight in the U.S…. Unfortunately, the collateral damage is Russian-American relations plunging into this horrible trap, where those who speak in favor of improving ties are bound to be branded a Kremlin agent.”

Ryabkov raised other important issues, such as the impact of anti-Russia sanctions, not so much on Russia itself, but on other Western nations which are more seriously affected, especially in the current pandemic and economic crises. And, even under these conditions, the U.S. is “thinking how to accuse Russia and invent new sanctions against us instead of how to help their own citizens.”

The Deputy Foreign Minister also pointed to growing tensions between the U.S. and China. “As we can see,” he noted, “the United States has stepped up all-out pressure on China.” In fact, he added, there isn’t a single issue on the U.S.’s international agenda, that isn’t accompanied by “political or psychological pressure on China.” He also pointedly warned that it is futile for the U.S. to use the current pandemic to undermine Russia’s and China’s positions globally. “We have no covert agenda with China,” he stated. Rather, the Russia-China bilateral dialogue is “a major resource for gaining a firmer foothold and enhancing security in various dimensions,” Ryabkov said. “If the United States really hopes to take advantage of the pandemic to harm China’s and Russia’s positions in the world, I hope its calculations are wrong.”


Wilbur Ross Stands by Wall Street Bailout and Bubble

May 19 (EIRNS)—Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross’s press release of Tuesday, an op-ed prepared for Fox News, indicates some of the rationales by which BlackRock et al. are guaranteeing an economic train wreck for the country. Of course one does not know if Wilbur Ross even wrote it.  The op-ed is titled, “Three Factors Why This Economic Bounceback Won’t Mirror 2008,” and subtitled, “This administration is proud to be delivering economic relief in record speed.”

Ross starts with the loss of lives from the coronavirus, and the argument that it was the virus that “upended our nation’s economy from one of its best performances in history with the fastest drops in employment and activity in generations.”  Ross then debates a straw man; he argues that the response “this time” will not be similar to the “lethargic” response of Obama after the 2008 financial crisis.  He gives three reasons.

First, Ross argues that now, in 2020, “unlike prior downturns, our economy was not facing underlying structural problems before the pandemic reached our shores. On the contrary, three years of Trump Administration policies, including unprecedented deregulation and landmark tax cuts for families and businesses, have made the American economy the most attractive place in the world for long-term investment.”  In reality, long-term investment from growing capital flight has largely been siphoned into the financial bubble of stock markets and the casino mondial.

The second reason he cited is the trillions of dollars in relief efforts to families and businesses, including increased unemployment compensation and the CARES Act. Certainly, Trump’s efforts to fight COVID-19 and prop up standards of living during the “lockdown” have been important and necessary to many American families in keeping body and soul together. However…

The bridge too far … the third reason cited by Secretary Ross: “[A]nd finally, bold fiscal and monetary policies of the past few months have created massive additional liquidity—with even more on the way. Separate from fiscal stimulus, the Federal Reserve has added $2.4 trillion to its balance sheet since March, has committed to lend another $2.3 trillion, and has pledged unlimited quantitative easing in the near term. Current forecasts predict the Fed’s balance sheet may balloon to $7 trillion by June and to $10 trillion by year’s end.”

Ross has the chutzpah to glide right past the trillions of dollars in Obama Administration bailouts to the City of London-Wall Street financial system. Ignoring the past, Ross then argues that the Fed bailouts by this administration are unique, while deflecting rage towards Obama for the austerity and liquidation policies that maimed Main Street and communities then.  Ross is then free to opine: “In contrast, liquidity remained relatively tight during the last recession, pushing up interest rates for real-world borrowers much higher than at present. Banks, many of which failed, were far less equipped to transmit benefits to the rest of the economy. The ample liquidity and functioning financial sector of today provide yet another bridge for our economy to return to prosperity after this virus recedes….”

Ross concludes: “President Trump and his economic team will not repeat the policy mistakes of past administrations. Instead, we will continue to take the bold actions necessary to propel our economy to greater heights than ever before.”  That can be so, if the sophistries of Wilbur Ross’s op-ed put through the shredder and replaced by competent economic science of Alexander Hamilton and Lyndon LaRouche’s “Four Laws.”


Xi Jinping to World Health Assembly, ‘Let Us Work as One’ To Halt Coronavirus, Always Putting People First

May 19 (EIRNS)—Speaking yesterday to the 194 member states of the World Health Organization, in its annual summit known as the World Health Assembly, Chinese President Xi Jinping praised the international response to the COVID-19 pandemic, stating that “with love and compassion, we have forged extraordinary synergy in the fight against COVID-19.”

Xi emphasized China’s openness and transparency, while protecting “the life and health of our people,” documenting its cooperation with the WHO and other nations “in a most timely fashion…. We have shared control and treatment experience with the world without reservation. We have done everything in our power to support and assist countries in need.”

Yet, “even as we meet, the virus is still raging.” It respects no borders or nationalities, “and more must be done to bring it under control.” Hence, the crucial need to strengthen international cooperation. “Mankind is a community with a shared future. Solidarity and cooperation is our most powerful weapon for defeating the virus. … China takes it as its responsibility to ensure not just the life and health of its own citizens, but also global public health.”

To face this challenge Xi proposed:

• “We must do everything we can for COVID-19 control and treatment. This is a most urgent task. We must always put the people first, for nothing in the world is more precious than people’s lives.”

• “The World Health Organization should lead the global response. … China calls on the international community to increase political and financial support for WHO so as to mobilize resources worldwide to defeat the virus.”

• “We must provide greater support for Africa. Developing countries, African countries in particular, have weaker public health systems. Helping them build capacity must be our top priority in COVID-19 response…. The world needs to provide more material, technological and personnel support for African countries.” Xi announced that China will establish a cooperation mechanism for its hospitals to pair up with 30 African hospitals and accelerate the building of the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) headquarters to help the continent increase its disease preparedness and control capacity.

• “We must strengthen global governance in the area of public health. We human beings will eventually prevail over the coronavirus. Yet this may not be the last time a major health emergency comes knocking at our door. … We need to improve the governance system for public health security.”

• “We must restore economic and social development. … International macroeconomic policy coordination should be stepped up and the global industrial and supply chains be kept stable and unclogged if we are to restore growth to the world economy.”

In addition, Xi announced China will work with the UN “to set up a global humanitarian response depot and hub in China, ensure the operation of anti-epidemic supply chains and foster green corridors for fast-track transportation and customs clearance.” China will also work with other G20 members “to implement the Debt Service Suspension Initiative for the poorest countries. China is also ready to work with the international community to bolster support for the hardest-hit countries under the greatest strain of debt service, so that they could tide over the current difficulties.”

Finally, the Chinese President called “on all of us to come together and work as one. Let’s make concerted efforts to protect the life and health of people in all countries. Let’s work together to safeguard planet Earth, our common home. Let’s work together to build a global community of health for all!”

Trump Donates 200 Ventilators to Russia, While Pelosi Goes Ape

May 19 (EIRNS)—At the request of Russian President Vladimir Putin, U.S. President Donald Trump agreed to send 200 ventilators to Russia: “In response to President Putin’s request for assistance, President Trump offered to donate and deliver 200 ventilators to the Russian people,” a Trump Administration representative told TASS.

“This delivery represents the rapid fulfillment of that offer.” The representative pointed out the that the U.S. “is the largest contributor to global public health and has committed over 15,000 ventilators to more than 50 countries” and “is providing critical medical supplies and ventilators to people in need around the world.” The Kremlin had reported President Trump’s offer of equipment during his May 7 phone discussion with President Putin.

Voice of America reported that the first 50 ventilators manufactured in California will be shipped this week, and the remaining 150 will be ready for delivery on May 26. The U.S. is covering all costs, for $4.7 million in manufacturing and delivery.

The act of nation-to-nation cooperation has sent Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi into hysteria, telling CNN that “Russia can very well afford to pay for these ventilators.”


CGTN To Air Fusion Power Research as First in Science Series on ‘Decoding the Future’

May 19 (EIRNS)—CGTN is opening its series ‘Decoding the Future’ to air during the country’s Two Sessions—the meetings, starting May 21-22, of the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference—featuring China’s achievements in science and technology with the first episode entitled “The Power of Artificial Sun: Fusion.” In the program, CGTN anchor Zou Yue visits China’s Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) based at the University of Science and Technology in Hefei. Zou interviews Xu Guosheng, the director of the Tokamak Physics Division at the Institute of Plasma Physics. “One of the two major difficulties in achieving nuclear fusion is that we have to maintain the plasma at a very high temperature for a long time. We have been holding the world record in this regard,” explains Xu.  In 2018, EAST achieved a temperature of more than 100 million degrees Celsius—that is more than six times the temperature of the core of the sun—and EAST was able to it sustain the temperature for 10 seconds before shutting down.

Zou Yue also demonstrated some of the work being done at the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, ITER, in France, in which China has been very much involved, along with the other 34 countries working on the ITER tokamak. “Fusion is revolutionary,” Zou Yue comments. But, he says, “Even the most optimistic predict it will take decades before the technology comes to fruition. The Chinese took the challenge and want to join the world’s best minds for the endeavor. The appeal is obvious—it will serve 1.4 billion Chinese with clean and efficient energy for millennia and give the world a real holy grail. Fusion is a bold idea. It will elevate human energy use into new dimensions. … Like landing a man on the Moon, we choose to do it because it is hard, extremely hard. And everything good is hard to get.”

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