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The IllumiTranny Agenda

The Illumitranny Transgender Agenda

January 4, 2019EllenMKUltra girl

It is for real. All those you tube videos that you want to dismiss are real. In 2019 people will wake up to this. The lefty political  social engineering transgender agenda the right fights against is a gauge of your digestion capabilities because the truth is a bit too hard to swallow, yet. That will change soon.

Here is the truth. The satanic, luciferian death cult has done this for aeons. You have been looking at it for decades, your parents too. Check out Elenor Roosevelt!

One of my insiders, another not quite ready to go public, illuminati kid has many stories of the trans agenda that was shown to her and offered to her as she grew up in the 70’s and 80’s in small perfect town USA.

The idea is basically a slap in the face to God, the real God, not the one that is often called God in the Bible, but was written to fool you into believing that Lucifer is God. Stop reading the Bible like it is the word of God. More lies. You have to test your faith and your knowledge to find the truth within the words in the Bible. If ever I come upon a God reference in the Bible, I turn it over and insert Loo Loo. Just to see if I am being deceived. Sometimes I am, sometimes not. You will have to test it out for yourself. Handy tip: the reference to The Lord God is usually Lucifer.

She was offered, “If you want to become a boy, you can have everything you could want.” This is the prize. Do the thing and you will get worldly riches. And it happened in my generation. What you don’t know is that most of these illumitranny public figures are from card carrying devil worshippping ritual attending sacrifice participating satanic cults. Get that through your head.

That is the only way such a thing could be presented before the transgender agenda hit the body politic. The fools participating in this aberration now are just being decieved, without any reward either.

You might want to consider that within these illumitranny families are different agendas. They war with each other. We are seeing that now in the USA and Canada. The heads of state.

The best illumitranny gender benders are done at a young age, before 2. It can even be done in the womb. What do you think Menegele was doing? There is a difference between gender reassignment and soul identity gender. Every soul, natural born human, is inclined male and female. Some woman have a soul that identifies as 80% masculine. That in no way means that they need to become a man to live properly. It just means that they are experiencing this incarnation in a female body. And visa versa. I identify at approx. 67% male. That doesn’t mean I want to multilate myself and go through the social stygma of transgendering.

This transgendering practice is a badge of honor from the lowest cult scum satanist to the highest elite freemasonic luciferian world dominator. Just another stupid thing they do within their pecking order of worshipping the lie that Lucifer will equal the real God or at least create a rhelm for herselt (here), that grants them their material goodies.

That is just the way it is. I am telling you because I can do that without any fear of reprisal. You know that I am above them all and so much of their future will be determined by how I present it.

Let me know if you want to hear the 1.5 hour recording I did with this insider. It is still too hot to drop.

upcoming: The Mengele Deception: How one dopey nazi satanist build an army of genetic clones of himself and sold test tube breeding clones like spots in a country club to the so called “elite”, and had them move in next door.


Ellen Atkin

MK Ultra Girl

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